Staying cool in Melbourne

Just a few days after we arrived it got hot, and I mean really hot: +43C. The house we’re renting doesn’t have air conditioning. It holds up pretty well with its double brick walls, but even if +28C is cool in comparison with outside it’s nice to cool off somewhere. What better then to hit some of the nice museums here! Over the weekend we’ve been to two really excellent exhibitions.

The first one is “Wallace&Gromit And Friends. The Magic Of Aardman” at acmi, Australian Center for the Moving Image. I love claymation and Wallace&Gromit, Shaun the Sheep are favorites! But Aardman Animations are so much more than that. Did you know they made the video for Sledgehammer with Peter Gabriel?

And finally, I have to share with you my own attempt making a claymation movie clip. I call it Starfish On A Roll.


The second exhibition we went to was Triennal at NGV, National Gallery of Victoria. It features contemporary art of over 100 artists and designers from more than 32 countries. An excellent exhibition! I’ll revisit again before it closes in mid April.

Below are art by Yayoi Kusama, Pascale Martine Tayou, Nick Cave, Camille Henrot and Paulina  Olowska.

Visits like these really feeds my own creativity and is an essential part of how new ideas start brewing in my head. I enjoyed these two visits very much and hope do much more of it in the next few months!

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