Being the curious kind, I moved to Syracuse, NY, from my native Sweden in 2009 together with my husband Johan and our children Elin and Nils.

I’ve always been a person with a great need for a creative outlet, exploring different mediums over the years. Growing up my creativity was always encouraged, but never looked upon as a feasible career path. So I worked in communication, coaching, counseling and leadership positions for many years and was quite good at all of it. I also enjoyed it, but then there was this itch…

Moving to the United States opened up a new possibility to explore my creative side as a career path. That’s when I came across nuno felting. With my Scandinavian background felted objects were always a part of everyday life, but I never thought about it as a creative and artistic artform that I wanted to explore.

After taking a weekend workshop in nuno felting with Cher Benda at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse in 2010 I was hooked! I set up a studio in our home in the Sedgwick neighborhood on the northside of Syracuse and started learning more about wet felting. And it’s been such a rewarding journey! Over the last few years I’ve emerged myself in the art of felting and learned from fiber artists such as Jean Gauger, Jeanette Appleton, Fiona Duthie, Catherine O’Leary, Nancy Ballesteros and Jekaterina Mokeyeva.

I’m a member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild, Victorian Feltmakers and Cazenovia Artisans.